How to Organize Your Stuff

Can you get good grades and live in a room like this?
This is the first of  4,090,000 search results for dorm rooms, so living in a mess is probably not the reason you are flunking college. It seems to be how college kids live.

However, let’s take a closer look at this picture.

If you do not know where your keys, wallet, phone, AND the syllabus that states“Paper due July 9. Late papers will NOT be accepted” are at this very moment, you are not one of those students who can live like this and be successful.

Steps to Organizing Your Stuff:

1. Put your keys, wallet, bus pass, and phone in the same place everyday. Preferably a place where someone will not accidentally mistake them as their own. Make yourself do this; it will save hours of wasted time and anxiety.

2. Staple each class syllabus to the section of the notebook you use for that class. I like one five section notebook, other people like a notebook for each class. One notebook or five notebooks – keep all of your school materials in one place (a desk is nice, but a table and some drawers next to your bed will do). Buy some extra ink and paper for your printer.

3. Do your dishes immediately after you eat; do not let them sit overnight – one night will become two then seven and before you know it you are throwing away your dishes. Sorry I have no idea how to deal with your roommate’s dishes; I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that question.

4. Just do the laundry. Just do it.

5. Take the garbage out – it smells really bad!

6. Learn the art of shutting things. Close the cabinets, drawers, closet . . . . You would be surprised how much cleaner your living space will feel when you just shut a door.

Notice that I did not tell you to dust, vacuum, or make your bed (although most people find tidiness to be a positive and attractive quality in a person); the key is to be organized, have something clean to wear, and be able to print your paper, get to school, and turn it in on time (not when you find your keys the next day because that late paper “will NOT be accepted”).

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