How to Select Your Classes

Just a note or two.

When choosing classes, keep in mind what your education goals are.

The first thing you should do is talk to an advisor (remember tip # 1; if needed, speak with more than one advisor).

In addition to talking to an advisor, visit your college’s website and look for information regarding transfer requirements (and your major if you have one).

For instance, this is the checklist for students transferring to University of California and California State University campuses:


Print out the checklist for your desired school, put it someplace where it won’t get lost and check the requirements off as you meet them.

Make sure you are fulfilling requirements when you are choosing your classes, but don’t overbook yourself. For instance, choose two or three classes that fulfill requirements and then a PE class and another fun class that will count as transfer units (make sure they are transferable classes), but won’t require a lot of outside work. Take advantage of Pass/No Pass options for extremely difficult required classes. However, use P/NP sparingly and remember in some cases such as the math requirement for UC transfers above a P/NP grade is not transferable, so be careful.

Most importantly, keep in mind that college is not a race, and if it were, the winner would be the person who gained the most knowledge and/or mastered a skill, not the person who finished first. So, if you have been struggling to keep your head above water (or you have been sinking), one or two classes at a time is fine as long as you are getting A’s or B’s (and can feed yourself).

Life is long and well worth your best effort.

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