How to Use the Syllabus

Using the syllabus is the first step to getting an A in the class (yes, boring I know).
The professor is telling you exactly what TO DO.

Steps to Using the Syllabus:
1. Print it out.
2. S
taple it to your notebook, so you always have access to it (you really need to do this).
3. READ IT . . . . over and over!

The syllabus is the professor’s way  of showing you what to do; it’s a map for success. She is saying, “Hey, this is all you have to do to get an A in this class.” She is also saying, “Hey, this is all you have to NOT do to get an F in this class.” She is a busy woman, she understands, she went to college, but she has a life , . . . . she has her own dirty dishes and piles of laundry to deal with, she is telling you what to do.

Please do it.

I have highlighted some of the key things one should look for on the syllabus below. Notice how the professor underlines, capitalizes, and uses bold print for what is important for her students to do and WHEN they should do it.





Following directions is the KEY TO SUCCESS. 

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