How to Stay Motivated

Step 1 – Watch this video.


A Broken Body Isn’t A Broken Person

Step 2 – Start collecting your own set of motivational videos and quotes. Here are some of my favorites.



How Bad Do You Want It?



Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation

Now please go back and watch the fist video. It is a must, and it is only 18 minutes long. Listen to while you are folding your laundry (folded laundry will make you feel great; it’s very motivating to treat yourself to nice clean living space).

How to Use the Syllabus

How to Write a College Paper

How to Read (an assignment, text book, article, etc.)

How to Study for a Test

How to Organize Your Stuff

How to Wake Up and Go to Class

How to Stay Motivated

How to Select Your Classes